Your Voice Theater (YVT) is not a theater in the traditional sense of the word, it is however a stage where we implore our students of all ages to speak their minds and unveil the special gifts that are given by their creator. it has been said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, we would take it a step further by saying, not providing clear and concise information along with required social skills to a student prohibits that student from attaining self realization and reaching their goals.

The CEO of the company created a stage (this program) for students where they can perform without judgment, make mistakes, have fun and learn. His background in information technology and Language has given him a unique experience as well as learning from the students he taught.

YVT is not about becoming fluent in a new language or becoming a software engineer, It is about giving confidence to students that they can become whatever they want to become in life by simply taking their own stage and making their voices be heard.

Our Mission

To educate schools, organizations and parents on the importance of implementing our program in an effort to increase a child’s motivation, self-worth and productivity inside and outside of school.

Our Vision

To protect the child from academic and personal failure.

Our Goals

Increase children’s social skills and decrease student apathy for learning.


Our specific actions and measures to reach our goals are outlined in an intellectual property program we share with interested schools, organizations and parents.